Employee Benefit Education

Customized Employee Benefit Education and Communication Campaigns

Our campaigns will assist you in the vital process of making sure your employees truly understand and appreciate their benefits package. A robust employee benefit education plan is essential while trying to retain your most productive employees. A consistent message not only at open enrollment but periodically thoughout the plan year is the best way to ensure your employees truly understand and appreciate their benefits package. It is only when employees understand the details of their plan that they are able to make the best decisions regarding their benefits. These decisions not only impact the employee and their family but your company’s bottom line as well.

Multiple Communication Methods

This comes down to one word–variety! We know that most people are more receptive and engaged when benefit materials are presented in multiple ways. Newsletters, benefit summaries and booklets will only keep their attention for a while. To keep employees tuned in and responsive for a full hour long lecture you should incorporate all of the tools available at your disposal. With BAC you will receive access to

  • Paper Memos
  • Flyers
  • Payroll Stuffers
  • Benefit Handbooks
  • Benefit Statements
  • Newsletters
  • Video Library- Incorporating video is an extremely effective way to help employees understand and appreciate their employee benefits plan. We can custom design a benefit communication video or series of videos for open enrollment or new hire enrollment.
  • Total compensation statements
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Benefit Portal- Your employees will have access to all of their benefit information 24/7 though your secure online benefits portal. You can incorporate every tool at your disposal on this site including all of the methods listed above.
  • Live and Recorded Webinars- If you have employees at locations where an in person employee meeting cannot be held then a webinar is a very effective method to communicate benefit plan information. You will also be able to play these presentations back for future use and upload them to your benefits portal.

“Having been a client of Benefit Administration Company for over 5 years, we have come to expect nothing less than superior customer service. BAC’s staff is extremely knowledgeable, consistently responsive and best of all, they are fun to work with.”

Jennifer Sprague

Director of Human Resources

Denali Advanced Integration, A division of 3MD, Inc.

“PeaceHealth has partnered with Benefit Administration Company (BAC) for many years. The service our caregivers receive is outstanding. The staff at BAC is professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the area of Flexible Spending Accounts. Their attention to detail, prompt turnaround on reimbursements and assistance with education and compliance questions make them a great vendor partner.”

Val Harris

HR Manager

Peace Health

“We have partnered with Benefits Administration Company for the past several years. Whether it comes to benefit broker services, 401k administration, or flexible spending account management, the team at BAC has never failed to impress. Each member of BAC’s staff goes well above and beyond our expectations in meeting the needs of our business, and in meeting the needs of our employees and their beneficiaries. As a non-profit organization, we especially appreciate BAC’s sensitivity to our costs of benefits. Their team has demonstrated a level of commitment to us that could not be matched anywhere else. I recommend BAC and with enthusiasm, and without hesitation.”

Karen L. Beisner

SPHR Director

Human Resources Senior Services

“I have been consistently impressed with the support both our staff and myself as plan administrator have received from BAC. They are extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I know I can always depend of their staff to provide any answers I am looking for, complex or not. They are a pleasure to work with and I consider their support to be a tremendous asset to our organization.”

Sabrina Doolin

Human Resources Director, Benefits, Retirement and Records

Seattle YMCA

“Benefit Administration Company has been working with us for the past three years to assure that our employees are getting the best health care coverage for a minimum cost to them and the company. They work diligently throughout the open enrollment process, answering questions, getting us several quotes and laying out the plans in a concise, easy to read format. I have found that their team is available whenever needed, is well informed whether it be questions regarding health benefits, HRA, Cobra, FSA or administration of these benefits. I would recommend their team to assist with any benefit needs a company may have, without hesitation.”

Susan Slettvet

Human Resource Manager

Cardiac Study Center

Beyond Open Enrollment

Integrating a consistent message throughout the year will help ensure your employees become well versed in every area of your benefit program. Not just one hour a year, but one hour every month or quarter is an effective way to communicate benefits to your employees.

Communicate in your Voice

With our multimedia capabilities you are able to communicate the value of your benefits in your voice, not the voice of a third party. This way your culture, beliefs and values are communicated effectively as you deliver your benefits message.

Learn how to reduce benefit costs, empower HR and improve employee engagement.

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