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Program Design by Registered Investment Advisors

Plan participants may choose to utilize a set of managed portfolios matching a respective risk and return profile or select from a wide range of carefully selected mutual funds. Our consultants work to entsure the overall plan meets the needs of individual plan participants as well as plan sponsors. Each plan receives a detailed investment policy statement outlining all investment and program design requirements.

  • We offer both self-directed and asset allocation portfolios for participants
  • Flexibility in portfolio construction – All asset classes represented
  • Customized program designs aimed to meet sponsor and participant objectives
  • Expert consultation and guidance provided by investment consultants

Investment Management

Diversification is the key to maintaining and improving investment performance. Ninety percent of a portfolio’s return is determined by asset class performance, with individual stock performance accounting for only a small portion of the variability in a portfolio’s return. Therefore, it is more important to have exposure to all asset classes versus attempting to own certain stocks. Long term asset appreciation and capital preservation is due to asset allocation investment strategies. BAC Capital Advisors, LLC offers proven asset allocation strategies aimed at preserving and enhancing your wealth generation efforts.

Investment Management Seattle WA
  • Portfolio approach including quarterly rebalancing at the participant level
  • Active investment management with proven asset allocation strategies
  • Ongoing fund management and selection based on fundamental research
  • Offering a wide array of carefully selected investment options

“Having been a client of Benefit Administration Company for over 5 years, we have come to expect nothing less than superior customer service. BAC’s staff is extremely knowledgeable, consistently responsive and best of all, they are fun to work with.”

Jennifer Sprague

Director of Human Resources

Denali Advanced Integration, A division of 3MD, Inc.

“PeaceHealth has partnered with Benefit Administration Company (BAC) for many years. The service our caregivers receive is outstanding. The staff at BAC is professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the area of Flexible Spending Accounts. Their attention to detail, prompt turnaround on reimbursements and assistance with education and compliance questions make them a great vendor partner.”

Val Harris

HR Manager

Peace Health

“We have partnered with Benefits Administration Company for the past several years. Whether it comes to benefit broker services, 401k administration, or flexible spending account management, the team at BAC has never failed to impress. Each member of BAC’s staff goes well above and beyond our expectations in meeting the needs of our business, and in meeting the needs of our employees and their beneficiaries. As a non-profit organization, we especially appreciate BAC’s sensitivity to our costs of benefits. Their team has demonstrated a level of commitment to us that could not be matched anywhere else. I recommend BAC and with enthusiasm, and without hesitation.”

Karen L. Beisner

SPHR Director

Human Resources Senior Services

“I have been consistently impressed with the support both our staff and myself as plan administrator have received from BAC. They are extremely responsive and knowledgeable. I know I can always depend of their staff to provide any answers I am looking for, complex or not. They are a pleasure to work with and I consider their support to be a tremendous asset to our organization.”

Sabrina Doolin

Human Resources Director, Benefits, Retirement and Records

Seattle YMCA

“Benefit Administration Company has been working with us for the past three years to assure that our employees are getting the best health care coverage for a minimum cost to them and the company. They work diligently throughout the open enrollment process, answering questions, getting us several quotes and laying out the plans in a concise, easy to read format. I have found that their team is available whenever needed, is well informed whether it be questions regarding health benefits, HRA, Cobra, FSA or administration of these benefits. I would recommend their team to assist with any benefit needs a company may have, without hesitation.”

Susan Slettvet

Human Resource Manager

Cardiac Study Center

  • Investment consultants provide on-going participant and plan sponsor investor education and plan performance updates
  • Participant education opportunities designed to help employees make informed decisions
  • Update on law changes and program enhancements available via the website and individual consultation
  • Retirement planning guides available to participants

Customized Employee Communication

True success behind an employee benefits plan lies within consistent and constant communication. It starts with the open enrollment meeting and continues throughout the year and takes many forms including: benefit handbooks, total compensation statements, newsletters, one on one meetings, group meetings, videos, webinars, posters, payroll stuffers & benefit websites. Having a wide variety of communication methods ensures employees remain engaged and proactive with their plan decisions. BAC Capital Advisors, LLC provides opportunities for plan participants to understand investment alternatives and make informed decisions regarding retirement savings goals. As part of this process, we offer retirement planning at the participant level. We can generate a customized retirement guide for each program participant and as part of this process an Asset allocation recommendation is made based on an individual’s investment goals and risk tolerance.

Fiduciary Responsibility

In the complicated world of investment management our clients can rest assured knowing our consultants share in the fiduciary responsibility with plan sponsors. ERISA requires 401(k) plan sponsors to actively manage the retirement program. We assist in this effort by providing timely investment advice and periodic updates.

  • BAC Capital Advisors, LLC shares in plan fiduciary responsibility as defined by ERISA 404(c) by providing timely and accurate investment performance and review information to plan sponsors and trustees
  • Periodically Plan Trustees meet with consultants to discuss relevant plan changes
Investment Advisor Certification
Since 3/12/15

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