The Employee Care Card

The Employee Care Card

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The Employee Care Card

During this unprecedented time, people, families, and businesses are facing tremendous pressure. Many employers are looking for creative ways to financially support their employees and their families during this crisis.

Introducing the Employee Care Card

Show your employees you truly care about their well-being during this difficult time. The Employee Care Card provides tax-free financial assistance to help cover some of your employee’s basic needs. You have the flexibility to determine what your employees need the most: groceries, office supplies, prescriptions, education, child care, clothing, and utilities.

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How the Employee Care Card Works

Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive benefits administration platforms, this employee care card program is supported by best-in-class payment capabilities designed to give you total control over how your dollars are spent:

  • Funding flexibility. Fund participant accounts in real time and to predefined amounts per employee.
  • Impose spending limits/controls. Restrict spending to certain merchant categories, such as groceries or office supplies.
  • Easily add more contributions. Should the COVID-19 crisis become prolonged, employers can easily add more dollars to the card.
  • Real-time expense tracking. Gain a real-time view into where and how employees are spending their care dollars.
  • Intuitive experience. Easy-to-navigate online experience ensures employees have easy access to the answers they need, such as their card balance.

Examples of Programs

You know your employees best of all – you determine what type of care they need most. These are only a few examples:

  • Grocery – employees can stock up on necessities to stay and work at home (including toilet paper!)
  • Office supplies – employees can enhance their work-from-home environment for optimal productivity
  • Education – parents can occupy and provide enriching activities to children that are home from school
  • Healthcare – in the face of a major healthcare crisis, supplement employee healthcare savings with additional dollars

Employee Care Card Use Cases
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For more information about the program or to learn how to implement for your employees, click here or call 800.967.3709 ext. 213

The Employee Care Card

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